We are Business Network Aachen!

The Business Network Aachen is the competence pool with solution-oriented services for international entrepreneurs or interested and executives, associations, industry-related organizations, universities and public institutions in the region of Aachen.

In cooperation with the city of Aachen and well-known companies, institutions and authorities in the region, the Business Network Aachen provides a dynamic platform for intensifying personal contacts, exchanging international experiences and last but not least, for forming of synergies among the members.

Within this dynamic pool of competencies, the resources, economic strengths and international relations of its members with multicultural background are combined to jointly strengthen the economic location of Aachen optimally on the national and international business markets.

Establish contacts!

Engage yourself and make valuable contacts to public institutions and companies in the region and join into successful domestic and international business cooperations!

International networking par excellence

Especially innovative, experienced and future-oriented entrepreneurs with immigrant backgrounds are one of the target partners for local and international economic development. Thus, the direct involvement of the competencies of those representatives is a particular advantage for all participants with the orientation on future and sustainability and in the “multinational” Business Network Aachen.

The core activities of this pool are regular events to practically relevant topics related to internationalization and to present the potentials and opportunities in selected countries. Our mission is supporting the common orientation, knowledge sharing and the development and implementation of approaches for entering successfully into new markets by the promotion and generation of appropriate projects and orders.